Capacity Building

Team leads:  James Harrington (Space Grant/EPSCoR component), Chantale Damas & Barbara Thompson (intern component)

The Capacity Building effort focuses on the workforce of tomorrow through educational and skillbuilding programs. This team includes the CfHA intern program, made possible through a partnership with Dr. M. Chantale Damas of the Queensborough Community College of The City University of New York (CUNY). We prioritize Interns from MUREP institutions, and most are in the summer program (though year-round and Pathways applicants are also encouraged). 

The second element of this program is the Space Grant/EPCSoR partnership, led by James Harrington. Activities include joint symposia, collaborative proposal development, and hackathons. 

Additional elements include planning and sponsoring community events, such as the Helio Hackweek. CfHA will partner with the GEM/SHINE/CEDAR AI/ML Exploratory Committee for the next Helio Hackweek, which will focus on tool and resource development.

We also welcome collaborators through the NASA Postdoctoral Program. More internship information can be found on our Internship page.