Helio Hackweeks

We are planning to have more HelioHackweeks in the future! Stay tuned for information as it becomes available!


Heliophysics Hackweek 2020 was a five-day hackweek held virtually over a period of two weeks. Participants learned about technologies used to access and process heliophysics data with a focus on machine learning. The format consisted of project pitches, interactive lectures, facilitated exploration of datasets, and hands-on software development.

There were four major projects:

Sponsored by:

The 2022 CfHA-sponsored hackathon was the First NASA EPSCoR HackWeek held June 13-17, 2022 at West Virginia University.  This was a sponsored project of the CfHA Capacity Building Focus Team and was led by Dr. James Harrington of the NASA Space Grant Consortium program and Prof. Piyush Mehta of WVU.  Participants included students, professors, and data managers from New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia and targeted Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) institutions.  Additionally, CfHA Partner launched a HelioCloud site for the hackweek to provide the computing and tutorial infrastructure. 

The goal of the hackweek was to provide underrepresented communities exposure to problems of interest for NASA and generate technical expertise and opportunities by contributing to NASA’s challenges. Participants were introduced to educational and training activities including the problem space of Fault Diagnosis on-board spacecraft. They were tasked with generating novel solutions for the technical problems. The event was designed to create an inclusive, open space that fosters a collaborative learning experience, networking, innovation and sharing ideas.